Usage Of lightning:slider

In this blog, I am going to show how to use lightning: slider  .lightning:slider is an input range slider for specifying a value between two specified numbers.A lightning:slider component is a horizontal or vertical slider for specifying a value between two specified numbers. For example, this slider can be used to capture user input about order quantity or when you want to use an input field of type=”range”. To orient the slider vertically, set type=”vertical”. By default, the min and max values are 0 and 100, but you can specify your own values. Additionally, if you specify your own step increment value, you can drag the slider based on the step increment only. If you set the value lower than the min value, then the value is set to the min value. Similarly, setting the value higher than the max value results in the value being set to the max value.In the following examples, I am just fetching the contact from the object based on the slider.

Apex Class

Lightning Component