Let us Discuss here how to use the Lightning Web Component Methods. Use a JavaScript method to communicate down the containment hierarchy. For example, a parent component calls a method on a child component that it contains. Methods are part of a component’s API. Expose a method by adding the @api decorator to the method. To communicate up the containment hierarchy, fire an event in the child component with the dispatchEvent method, and handle it in the parent component. Please refer this link to Aura method 

1. Create a Lightning web Component

Create a lightning web component using the below SFDX command

This component contains one method that will convert the text into the upper cases. This example exposes changeUpperCase(), methods in a c-inputmethod component by adding the @api decorator to the methods. A parent component that contains c-inputmethod can call these methods.

Use the below inputmethod.html code

Use the below inputmethod.js code

Use the below inputmethod.js-meta.xml code



Call a Method

Now let’s see how to call the above method in the code  The c-method caller component contains c-inputmethod that call the changeuppercase() method in input change.  The this.template.querySelector() call is useful to get access to a child component so that you can call a method on the component.

Return Values

Use the return statement to return a value from a JavaScript method


Method Parameters

To pass data to a JavaScript method, define one or more parameters for the method. For example, you could define the change()
method to take an input parameter.


2. Create a Lightning Web Component

Create another that will be calling the method.


use the below methodcaller.html code


use the below methodcaller.js code

Use the below methodcaller.js-meta.xml code


push the changes and add it to the page layout and you can able to see the output as shown below.