getObjectInfo Wire Adapter

Let us discuss here how to use this wire adapter getObjectInfo wire adaptor to get metadata about a specific object. The response includes metadata describing fields, child relationships, record type, and theme. Here is the sample Syntax on how to invoke the getObjectInfo wire adapter.



  • objectApiName—(Required) A supported object.
  • propertyOrFunction—A private property or function that receives the stream of data from the wire service. If a property is decorated with @wire, the results are returned to the property’s data property or error property. If a function is decorated with @wire, the results are returned in an object with a data property and an error property.

Create Lightning web component

create a lightning web component using the following SFDX command.

Use this ObjectInfo.html markup code

Use this ObjectInfo.js code

Use this ObjectInfo.js-meta.xml code

Push changes to scratch org.

Push changes to scratch using this command and add this component to record page using lighting app builder

After adding the lightning web component to record page using the app builder. you can able to see the output as shown below



Understand the code

The following code returns the sobject data using the getObjectInfo wired adapter


The following markup will show the json data into UI