Lightning Aura method

In this blog, I am going to explain how to use the aura: method which allows you to directly call a method in a component’s client-side controller instead of firing and handling a component event.Here is the simple component “AuraMethod” which contains method “defaultParamers”  with the action called loadDefaultParams

In the component controller doInit method I am calling the component  method with the name as shown below

which hooks the loadDefaulParams method action to retrieve the values from the component action handler.

Calling Server Side Action

Now let’s consider the defaultParamers aura:method calls a server-side controller action to pass the method parameters. now server-side controller will return the result asynchronously so to handler the response we invoke the callback passed into the aura: method and set the result as a parameter in the callback.

 Define the apex class as shown below

Modify the component as shown below.

Now in the controller, we have defined the “onSucess” callback function to handle the server side controller response. But in the below controller I am simply printing the server side response on callback function to console.

Parent component to call a method on a child component

 aura: method is used to communicate down the containment hierarchy means from the parent component to child components.To communicate up the containment hierarchy, fire a component event in the child component and handle it in the parent component.Here are the child components


Here is the below parent component which is used to pass the parent component data to the child component of the button click.


when the user clicks on the parent component button which will get the data from the parent component attributes and pass it to the child component.

Method with Interface

Define the simple interface with the aura method as shown below.


And then you can implement the interface as shown below.