Live Agent Deployment API


In this blog, I am going to explain how to use the live agent deployment API  to find and create records and how to customize chat buttons and chat window. Live agent deployment API has the number of options to customize the live agent like Logging and controlling the live agent online and offline behaviors and allow automatically creating records and suggest the knowledge article etc. Below is the code from where you will launch your live agent normally it might be your webpage or visual force page from sites etc.

Understand the code

Live agent logging will be very useful if you wanted to troubleshoot the live agent. You can enable the Logging by simple liveagent.enableLogging(); the method which results in the debugging as shown below on browser console.

The below piece of code shown what to do when the agent is online or offline.The showWhenOnline or showWhenOffline method to specify customers see when a particular button is online or offline based on the agent status. the below code we specify the button id to show the status  liveagent_button_online_5736A000000gBrn , liveagent_button_offline_5736A000000gBrn  .

The below code request a chat from a button in a new window when you click on chat button by calling liveagent.startChat method.

Find and Create Records
Use the Deployment API to search for or create Salesforce records like a case, contact, account, or lead automatically when an agent begins a chat with a customer.addCustomDetail methods as  Adds a new custom detail for the chat visitor.

The Custom Detail is displayed to agents in the footer widget and in the Chat Details page in the Salesforce Console while the chat is active as shown below.


Use the findOrCreate method to find existing records or create new ones based on certain criteria. The findOrCreate method begins the API call that finds existing records or creates new records when an agent begins a
chat with a customer. The below code show to find and create records and store it to the live agent transcript and suggesting the knowledge articles.

In the above code, we are trying o find the contact and if not available the create a new contact also searches for records that contain customer data specified by the addCustomDetail Deployment API method.  findOrCreate.saveToTranscript method to save the record you find or create the chat transcript associated
with the chat. Use the findOrCreate.showOnCreate method to automatically open the record you create in a subtab in the Salesforce console.   findOrCreate.linkToEntity method to link the record you found or created to another record type. The below image shows the search results on the console chat


liveagent.addCustomDetail(‘Case Subject’,’Refund policy for products’).doKnowledgeSearch() method search for Knowledge articles as shown below when customer is chat with agent.